What are the types of ceme?


Ceme is the card game played in poker sites. Playing dominoes is the top preferred card game throughout online world. Even though the game is considered to be driven through luck, it is not like that considerably. Game played by considering it to be luck based always cannot lead to success. A player should be aware of the tactic and strategies used to play the game. The player should know the ways to handle tiles in every move with different tricks and tactics. Before understanding all these factors, you should be aware of various types of dominoes that are available online. Based on various types of dominoes, there are widely various strategies implemented. Here you can find few types of dominoes that are available online. Check out for a brief understanding.

  • Double-six dominoes

This kind of dominoes is the common type that includes the wide range of players. This is the top played game in current scenario. This is the standard type of domino found in ceme online. It is known as the standard western dominoes.


  • Double nine dominoes

In this type of domino, there are fifty five individual tiles. These tiles will be double the time when compared with its width. This game can be chosen when there are more than four players to play the fame. This game will be easier to play in group without any constraints. This game will perfectly apt for a team of 4 to 6 players.

  • Double twelve dominoes

The game is considered to be the advanced type in ceme. In this game, players will have 91 individual tiles. This game is designed in the perspective of having huge number of players for a game. Most preferably, there are around 6 to 10 players who can get engaged in the game.

  • Chinese dominoes

Chinese domino or capsa susun is a poker game that is completely different from all other card games. The game is a set of cards that has 32 tiles. There are not center diving tiles found in order to make the varied process.