What you need to know about the Advantage of a House in a Casino

Advantage of a House in a Casino

What is the edge of the house? Even if you are new to games, you will notice that people who run the tables should make a profit. If they had not done this, they would have been quickly ruined, and the online casino would have been much smaller than today.

This advantage is called the advantage of the house and varies depending on the game.

In roulette, the home advantage is 5.36% for tables of American rules (which have zero and double zero) and 2.7% for European tables (which have only one zero).Let us start with an absolutely clear thing. In the long run, it is mathematically impossible to overcome an advantage at home. If you run a simulation of thousands of consecutive wheel turns, you will find that each of the numbers appears more or less the same number of times, unless, of course, the wheel itself is skewed. As the number of moves increases, the percentage differences between the numbers decrease. In the long term, each number will appear 1 time in 37 times (one zero), which is 2.70% of the time. The table on page 23 shows the analysis performed using 100, 1000, and then 1,000,000 wheel revolutions. Over time, the variance decreases, and, as expected, after a million turns, each of the numbers appeared almost exactly 2.7% of the time.

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So, given that home advantage is unparalleled, does this mean that any strategy has no value? Absolutely not. A good roulette strategy will allow you to leave the table more than you started in the vast majority of cases. With good discipline and a little patience, you can easily double or triple your money in just a few days. Of course, the risk was not eliminated, but it was mitigated and reduced.


Ignore those who tell you that a house advantage can be removed. You can not But with a reasonable roulette system that you will learn how to become the person who wins most of the time. You will surprise your friends and family and enjoy at the same time.